Entering odometer reading into travel

I would like to be able to enter beginning and ending odometer readings into the travel section of a workorder. Some of my customers are charged a mileage rate from the shop to their location and being able to enter into this section would be great. It would also be a great addition for reports where we show mileage traveled from site to site.


I would also like to see this within the program or if it is already there could you give me some help? Also is there any spell checking but into the program.

Thank you both of you for posting this feature request of specific number fields where you can enter in the starting and stopping mileage to obtain the difference and track. I just wanted to post back that as always, development will be reviewing all suggested features.

And wanted to make sure you both are aware of the Mileage field in the Travel section where you can enter a flat number for mileage (or any text, as is just a text field labeled as Mileage), and is a datafield available in any reports from this grid as well as detailed report templates from the Service Workorder grid

Spell checking is not a feature of AyaNova. AyaNova is in use around the world in over 70 different countries and their different languages, and providing spell checking for every language would bloat the AyaNova program - spell checking benefits would be off set by performance affected. There is a third party program available listed in the AyaNova related services available section of this forum Add-Spell-Checking-to-AyaNova-products!*Service-Provider for english

And as always, thank you for your suggestions.

  • Joyce

I do understand there is a mileage field and I am using that field. But I would like to enter a beginning mileage (when a technician leaves the shop) and the ending mileage (when a technician gets to the customers place of business) too. It would also show evidence of how the mileage distance was figured when the customer is billed.

Robert E.

Thank you again Robert for your additional information. Development will be reviewing all suggestions for the next version of AyaNova.

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce the spell checker program is great so far. I will be purchasing it soon. This is much better approach then just having it in your program this way you can spell check everything you type in any program your using. Thanks for the help as for the mileage problem my accountant requires me to record all mileage for tax purposes. It would by great to enter the starting mileage then the ending mileage then auto subtract and put the total for that trip in the all ready made field then at the end of the year we could print out a report of all the trips we made for the year. For the report I would include the client name purpose of the call starting and ending mileage and total mileage for the year. I believe many companys that use the software would find this to be a great addition. Thanks for your time. Rick