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What type of hardware is needed for this software?

Lance Dahse

Hi Lance

AyaNova CE is a previous version of AyaNova. AyaNova CE licenses are no longer sold except for additional licenses for existing companies.

We direct you to the AyaNova version 3.0.1 web site http://www.ayanova.comand the AyaNova v3 section of this forum.

AyaNova v3 software is compatible with MS Windows 2000, XP, 2003 (with all applicable service packs and/or patches) and requires Microsoft.NET 1.1 Framework (with all applicable service packs and/or patches) pre-installed.

What hardwareand other software is needed depends on different factors:<P dir=ltr " ">At the very minimum 450MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU with 500MB RAM with a backup device.<P dir=ltr " ">AyaNova v3is hardware scaleable - performance is directly related to the performance of the database server in use.A faster computer will have better performance.

AyaNova v3 can be configured for single user access using the embedded Firebird server, or the network Firebird server, or a SQL Server. Do review http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNovaConfiguration.htmWhat database configuration would you be using?

In all configurations,a faster database server computer is going to be able to respond more quickly. What is the specs of your present server?

AyaNova v3 can be used with either the Firebird server or the SQL Server. Some people are adament on the type of database server they use http://www.ayanova.com/WhichDatabaseShouldIUse.htmWhich would you be utilizing?

Do provide if would be needing single access or network access, what your present computer(s) specs are, and if you have a preference of SQL vs Firebird, and approximate number of users accessing, approximate amount of data (workorders entered per day for example) - and I can advise with that information.

We also invite you to review the AyaNova v3 Technical FAQfor answers to common questions.

  • Joyce

Wow, I don’t know enough to understand your ?'s.

Will it work form my laptop to field PDA’s?

Lance Dahse

Hi again Lance

Sometimes without a specific question I have to make assumptions on what the question is in regards to and ask further questions to determine what specifically your question is about and make assumptions on what is already known :slight_smile:

AyaNova v3 does not have “off-line” PDA capabilities.

Instead you could use one of the remote access options so that your remote users are connecting to live data - no more wondering if you have the latest information and no more having to run back to the office to upload your billable information - as everything you entered is viewable by those in the office immediately, as is what is entered by the office is immediately viewable by you out on the road.

Using the AyaNova Data Portal, your laptop can usethe same AyaNova v3 program as that used by local users inside your localnetwork, access the same live database via a high-speed connection. You can use all features of the AyaNova program - check your schedule, create and edit service workorders, view details on clients and more.

Or when the web browser interface is released (will be in development shortly), use just a Internet connection and a standard web browser to connect to the same live database that is shared on your local network to check your schedule, create and edit service workorders, view details on clients and more .

We also have on our to-do list for future features isto add “off-line” capabilities - a PDA can download to itself from the database scheduled workorders for the day so that the user can enter details, and than when return to the office, upload the entries back to the AyaNova database.

But off-line PDA capabilities are not yet a feature.

  • Joyce