error "Absolute path information is required" running a report

If you receive the error “Absolute path information is required” trying to run a report, this usually indicates that one or more scripts in the report template has an issue or has Script references that do not apply.
For example, upgrading from AyaNova 3 to AyaNova 4, a report template that did work with AyaNova 3 now gives the error “Absolute path information is required” when trying to run it in AyaNova 4

Open the report template in the designer, make a copy (so that you are testing this with a copy) and check each script and Script Reference to identify where the issue is coming from
For example, when you first open the report designer the first listing in Properties is for xtraReport1 (because nothing specific is selected)
Expand the Script References and remove any that are listed, and than preview if that addresses the issue - this is usually the issue because AyaNova 3 used older xtraReport files, but AyaNova 4 now uses the latest.

If that doesn’t address this issue, expand Scripts for xtraReport1, and remove any scripts and see if that addresses the issue
If above not the issue, than remove bands starting from the bottom up, each time seeing if that addresses the issue. Once you have narrowed it down to the specific band and its script, than you can confirm the actual script that is causing this.
If you continue to experience an issue, please feel free to send us the following details so that we can help:

  • export your report template to file and attach to your email
  • identify from what grid this report template of yours is from and what the name of this report is in your AyaNova
  • also attach a copy of your ayalog.txt file from your AyaNova program folder to your email
  • what version of AyaNova you are using - it should be the latest version, see also the Known Issues & Updates forum section for updating to the latest maintenance release