Error Message RatePickList: ID not found:

I am trying to create a new service workorder and I input client and the service template and it brings up the following message:

RatePickList: ID not found:


For your convienence and to save yourself time, if you experience an issue in the future,that you first do a search via this AyaNova Support Forum for a solution.

For example, if you entered the text RatePickList in the Search of this forum, it would have listed a number of topics including RESOLVED-IN- which would identify this is an issue that has been fixed in the latest version, and was a result of an actual rate not being selected in the template’s Scheduled Users, or Labor or Travel etc.

Do upgrade to the latest version if you are experiencing this issue.

As this was posted in the Development/SDK/API section which is for third party developers to post developer/API questions, it has been moved to a more appropriate forum section.

  • Joyce