Error Message: Timeout Expired

“Error Message: Timeout expired. The timeout period slapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.”

Why does this keep happening? It happens on multiple PCs in my office. It usually happens if you walk away from your PC for a few minutes and then come back to it.

We’ve replaced the network switch on our network and the server is stable.

Thank you


Hi Jason

What version of AyaNova are you running?

Open Help -> About AyaNova and view the version and hotfix #

If running version 7, and specifically between and 7.0.3, do make sure to apply the latest update

Then keep an eye on it, and confirm if continues to occur.

If a different version of AyaNova, or you do have version with hotfix, then could be as outlined in the forum topic Inner-exception-Timeout-expired.-Help as the error can indicate that the connection was closed for some reason. Timeout errors can be hard to narrow down
-first, reboot the server (after getting everyone out of AyaNova of course),
-and than at the server itself first, log into AyaNova and see if the error occurs. Than from a workstation and so on. What you are trying to do here is see where it first starts from and when etc
If the error reoccurs, check your SQL error logs and Event Viewer to see what other information is showing up on the server when the timeout errors occur that may help in troubleshooting and pointing you towards what is the matter with your SQL Express.

Do post back your details, what found, etc.

  • Joyce