Error occurs logging in as any other user other than "manager" if PM set to use non-active user or non-schedulable user

Situation occurs with:

-Default embedded AyaNova v3.0 installation
-Logged in as any other user other than the default “manager” account
-Error occurs immediately after login regardless of the displayed navigation pane.

Error message: dir=ltr " ">

Unhandled exception:
Object is not valid and can not be saved

Stack Trace:
at CSLA.BusinessBase.Save()
at GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.Workorder.NewServiceWorkorderFromPM(Guid SourceWorkorderID)
at GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.GenProcessPM.GeneratePMWorkorders()
at AyaNova.Form1.(Object [1], ElapsedEventArgs [1])

This error occurs because the embedded event generator is attempting to convert a preventive maintenance order to a service workorder, but the preventive maintenance order has an error.

This error can occur when the selected scheduled user in the PM is not of the type Schedulable User and is not set as Active.

As a non-active user can not be set asthe schedulable user in the service workorder that is to be generated from the preventive maintenance order, AyaNova responds with an error.

It is recommended to log into AyaNova v3 as manager, and either edit the preventive maintenance orders so they are not set to schedule a user that is not active or is not of the type Schedulable User; or to set the user to Active and/or of type Scheduleable User.