Error pop-up when trying to Edit User's and Rights

When I click Options, Edit, Users and Rights to try to activate a different tech, and deactivate another one, I get the error message that begins with “At GoExclusive Access (all other users out)…” and then the second one after you click OK that says “In order to protect the integrity of your data…” We have ensured that I was the ONLY user at the time, no one else came in, and we did disable the virus scan, but I still cannot edit. Please help!


  1. Make sure that the optional add-on QBI is not running anywhere.

  2. If using ARAS, also make sure ARAS is shut down.

  3. Ensure all users out of AyaNova, including yourself.

  4. Log into AyaNova as manager and move directly to Users & Rights via the menu Options -> Edit without opening any workorders, clients etc.

  5. If message continues, close out of AyaNova; and open the AyaNova database folder using Windows Explorer, find the scdata.ldb file (which is the “lock” file automatically created by AyaNova when any aspect is running) and delete this file.

  6. If a message appears that this file may be in use and cannot be deleted, and you are positive everyone is out of AyaNova, including optional add-ons closed, than reboot the computer that shares the AyaNova database folder and files, and perform the steps 1 thru 4 again.

It is possible that a computer is holding the database open - it could be the server where the database folder and files reside, or another computer where the AyaNova program was run from.

Let us know the results.