Error trying to print a labor report - recently upgraded to AyaNova 6

here is the complete error when I select my report to print:

Parse Error, no assembly associated with Xml key a3: PageInfo


Recommended solutions for this error is identified in the forum topic Report-error-issue-for-some-AyaNova-6-users (search for Parse Error C+ assembly)

Let us know.

  • Joyce

Joyce -

Thanks for the info. Sorry, I did try to do a search before I posted and didn’t find the article you linked.

#1 is possible, but I do this on a regular basis and I tried on another PC with same results. Will try on mine later.

#2 AyaNova 5 to 6 - already removed the only version I had on this PC and tried it on another PC that had only ever had version 6 on it (New part time employee, Windows 7 fresh load)

#3 Not able to open the report on 2 workstations that I currently have access to (One windows XP, one Windows 7) so I will send a copy to your email.

#4 will try this, but I have to find a PC that does not have AyaNova on it, or I will uninstall from mine.

As always, thanks for your help!


Hi Andy

Do as per solution #2 - Just export the report template to a file, zip it using WinZip, and attach to email to and I can quickly Save As for you and send it back so no further time spent on this for you.

  • Joyce