Error when attempting to create "New Detailed Report Template"

I get the following error: “Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.” from which I must ignore or abort.

Hi Mike, that’s odd, it sounds like it might be database related.

Just before the new report form is opened a query is run against the database to provide the data for the report designer form. Sounds like it’s happening in there.

Do you ever get database errors using AyaNova?
Is this happening after you click on new detailed report from the menu but before you get the dialog to enter the report name or is it happening after you enter a report name and hit ok?
Which list is this based off in AyaNova (i.e. is it top level service workorders list or…?)

Are there a lot of items in the list? (i.e. do you have it filtered or restricted to a certain number of results) because you could timeout if (for example) you were viewing a list of 10,000 workorders and then chose to make a detailed report off of it, depending of course on your database timeout settings. If this is the case try filtering the list to fewer items first before working on the report (its’ faster that way anyway and has no bearing on report designing).

Let me know and we can narrow it down.

  • John

Hi John, thanks for the quick response. This error occured 3 times on me. After closing Ayanova and restarting the 4th time, I have been able to create a new report template with no errors.

Hi Mike, that is odd that it would change like that. Typically a bug of some kind would just fail over and over, it sounds like there is some hiccup with your database or your connection to it.

Could be just a fluke, perhaps high network traffic causing latency or something depending on where your database server is in relation to your computer it might indicate some issue outside of AyaNova itself. (not trying to shift blame but when something happens intermittently like that and it’s a database timeout it usually indicates a hardware, driver or configuration issue of some kind)

Keep us apprised if there are any other symptoms or if you think we can recreate it here with just the data itself we might be able to help narrow it down.