Error When Saving Work Order With Parts

When I use WBI with Ayanova and I try to save parts to a work order I get the following Error.,
I can add the parts but if I try to save, save and exit or Set All Parts to Used, I get the following message.
What can I do about this?
I can save the WorkOrder and all data associated with it as long as I do not try to select any parts.

AyaNovaWBI encountered an unexpected problem
What happened
There was an unexpected error in the AyaNovaWBI web site. This may be due to a programming bug or installation / configuration problem.
How this will effect you
The current page will not load or continue processing the last operation.
What you can do about it
Close this page and try repeating your last action. Try alternative methods of performing the same action. If problems persist contact AyaNova support via the AyaNova technical support forum. Be sure to provide a copy of the support information below in your support request and a detailed description of the scope of the problem and what steps led to it.
Support information
The following information about the error was automatically captured:

Hi Tom

This is not an issue that is experienced by other WBI usersand will require troubleshooting to narrow down and determine why your IIS/WBI is responding this way.

Please provide the following informaiton:

  1. You had also just posted a topic that you are getting an error with your Data Portal as well - is your Data Portal and WBI both installed on the same IIS?

  2. What version of AyaNova is in use? (log into the AyaNova program, select menu Help -> About AyaNova)

  3. What version of WBI is in use? - on your WBI login page under Licensed To: it will say the version number.

  4. Reboot the IIS server where WBI is installed - confirm it has just been rebooted completely, and than log in via WBI and save adding a part again. Does the workorder now save with a part added?

  • Joyce
  1. We have Ayanova running on only one server. That server is connected to the internet. We are using MS SQL database. Data Portal and WBI both access the same Ayanova database on the same server therfore they are using the same IIS.

  2. Ayanova Ver

  3. WBI Version says <SPAN “FONT-SIZE: 8pt”>Licensed to: Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc.
    AyaNova® WBI Service management software (v3.4.3)
    © 1999-2007 Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc. All rights reserved.</SPAN>

  4. I triedrebooting the server and then tried to save parts on an old workorder and I tried to create a new workorder and save parts. Neither of them worked. Both gave the same error.

I have checked the installation instructions for Ayanova WBI and I can not find anything that I am doing incorrectly in setting up IIS. Is there a log someplace that would capture what is happening when this error shows up? If so, where is it?


Hi again Tom

Here is a link on how to turn on IIS logging from Microsoft - this will not provide specific AyaNova related information - only what IIS is encountering. There is not a specific log for WBI.

Would you send via a private email (or direct to the following informationas I may see what is at issue by going in directly as I am not able to recreate getting such an error here:

-the URL to your WBI login page
-the AyaNova Administrator username and password
-your username and password that you are logging into WBI with whengetting that error above
-a workorder # I can add parts to and set to Used in Service to recreate the error
-a part numberthat I can select that has On Hand amounts to do so
-A copy of a remote computers AyaNova.exe.config so that I can log in via the Data Portal if need be

This is not a known issue with WBI as am not able to reproduce with WBI in my test environments so by logging into your WBI and AyaNova I may see something that brings it to light.

  • Joyce

Hi again

In that private email also send the following:

-copy of the WBI’s Web.config
-copy of the Data Portal’s Web.config (you can rename it DataPortal.Web.config so doesn’t conflict with the WBI Web.config
-copy of a local network’s AyaNova.exe.config file

  • Joyce

Hi again Tom

Because you also have an issue with accessing via the Data Portal at the same time both issues may betied to the actual connection to the IIS server - when you do send the information requested above, also send the actual external IP address and port number for the WBI URL

Thank you

  • Joyce

Hi everyone

Wanted to post here what the issue was and how it was resolved in the event someone else experiences it.

Issue was continuing to occur after reboot of the IIS serverbecause the part record that was being added into the workorder via WBI was not itself being accepted before attempting to save the workorder itself.

For example, the for the new Parts record must be selected to accept the new adding of the partbecause attempting to save the entire workorder.

Thanks Joyce for your assistance in resolving our issues so efficiently. I guess we need to read the manual more carefully. Somehow we overlooked the fact that when using WBI we need to click the green check mark next to the part we are adding to a work order before saving the work order. :slight_smile:

You are welcome Tom - I’ve also made an internal note to ourselves to update WBI so that it either ignores the part entry if not accepted (byselecting the part record checkmark field)or return a message that the part was not yet accepted if the Save (or Save & Exit) workorder menu option is selected before accepting the part record entry into the workorder.

  • Joyce