Error "Windows - No Disk" trying to run QBI

An AyaNova user running QBI and AyaNova experienced the following, and we wanted to post here what resolved for the benefit of any one else that encounters such an issue:

Every time QBI tries to communicate with QB it generates an error many times - about 30 times.

Windows - No Disk
Exception Processing Message C0000013 Parameters 75b6f7c 4 75b6f7c 75b6f7c
Cancel Try Again Continue

Ifthe user kept clicking Continue, eventually QBI fully connects andthe usercan keep working.

I did a search online through google of the error message and there appears to be a number of sites that provide suggestions for resolving this Windows error (as the error is not caused by AyaNova or QBI itself)

For example identifies it could be anything from a Windows update that malfunctioned, to simply needing to put any CD into your CDROM drive, to an issue with your firewall / antivirs software, to being an actual malware or spyware on your computer that is causing it. That link gives suggestions for fixing. The link I provided above is just one of hundreds, and recommended going through the first link as well as other search results and solutions that other people have posted.

And great to hear, the AyaNova user replied back that the fix was changing the removable drive letter assignments following the steps in the link provided above.

If any AyaNova user encounters an error that is not listed on this AyaNova Support Forum, for your own convienence, do a search online via Google as will find posts by other users that can provide suggestions to resolve. And feel free to post what your error was, how you got it and what you found that resolved it on the forum for the benefit of others.

  • Joyce