estimate field not working

The drop-down menu for the estimated rates is not working, so no estimate is showing on my workorders. Is there some way to reset or fix this.

To confirm : in an AyaNova CE standard format workorder, in the Extended Information at the top of the workorder, when you select the drop down selection for the Estimated Rate: field - there are no rates displaying at all?

In this same workorder, if you open a problem item (work required detailed / itemized: ), select the Labor tab, either Add an item or open an existing labor item, if you select the drop down selection for Rate: are the rates listed here?

If you close this workorder, open Options -> Edit -> Rates - how many rates are listed in the drop down selection Select Rate: ?

Of these rates that are listed in Options -> Edit -> Rates - select each rate in turn, and confirm that the Active checkmark is checked - is each of these checked?

Of these rates that are listed as Active - is the Expiry Date set to today or older?

The “rate” field or box in the extended is greyed out and does not work. I can type a rate into this box but it does nothing, all other “rates” are showing and working fine

If you log in as the “manager” account - does this occur?

I found the problem, there is a checkbox under File/Database utilities/Global defaults - “use estimated rates and hours on dispatch workorders”