Event Generation

Thank you so much for your help with my issue getting the email notifications working - Works like a charm now that I have the generator in my exclusion list for the firewall rules.

The new issue/request - When you set up templates for closed work orders etc, there are only 9 available fields to chose from. It is possible to add other fields of relevant information so that I can include more details for my clients?

Thanks again.

Hi again PG, glad you detemined the issue.

No it is not possible for the end user to add additional data fields other than the tags that are there for selection as is internal code. You can certainly post in the Wish List - do identify why a specific field etc so that development has the reasoning behind as may be able to expand on it even more. As well, when you provide which fields and why and examples of use you would want for, than we can also point you to possible other suggestions.

  • Joyce

My main one is Work Order Item Summary. I believe the field to be LT_WokorderItem_Label_Summary and the date / time when the work is scheduled for. It would be nice to email the client what we are coming to do and when.