Example Estimated vs Actual report template

This is another example report template for the Service Workorder grid in the Service navigation pane

Download the following file, extract using WinZip and import into your AyaNova via Report Templates grid in the Administration navigation pane


This report template could be used as is, or customized further , or used to refer towhen creating or customizing your own report template. For example, you may not want to group by Project, so remove that grouping.

Suggested use for this report is to filter your Service Workorders grid by a specific project, and than select this report template. This report will show the estimated quantity from each Scheduled Users section, the actual service rate quantity and the N/C service rate quantity, and the estimated part quantity and the actual part quantity. (Estimated part quantity could come if workorder was generated by a quote or PM where you had pre-enterd the part quantity)

For example, Service Workorder grid below is filtered by the Project column

And than the report is selected

This report template uses scripts in all of the summary fields and the totals. To see these, click on the field in the designer panel, and expand the Scripts property, and view the Script details