Excluding band without Excluding data?

I have spent several hours creating a great work order that contains everything that I need and it works exactly as I need it to BUT (Always a but there :slight_smile: ) …

I need to exclude the group footers that totalparts, travel and labour without excluding the data. Currently the group footers total the line items and it works like a charm, I then have a grand total which also works perfectly. Howver, when I set the group footer to not be visible, the grand total does not include the totals from the group.

My Current on before print script is:

private void OnBeforePrint(object sender, System.Drawing.Printing.PrintEventArgs e)
//Don’t print band if there is no data:

object o=DetailReport4.GetCurrentColumnValue(β€œID”);

System.Guid g=(System.Guid)o;
e.Cancel=true;//cancel this print event

Is there anyway to modify it so that it does not show on the report but the totals are still there for the grand total to work?

Thank you for any help that you can give :slight_smile:


If you have totals in a reportfooter that come from groupfooters, those groupfooters must be visible.

If you do not want groupfooters to show, than you can not use groupfooters.

Instead the datafields themselves must each have scripts to keep a running total for display in the reportfooter.

For example, the individual Part Line Total datafield must have a script to maintain a running total for your Parts Line Total in your reportfooter. Same with Labor Line Total and Travel Line Total.

Do a search on this forum for running total to bring up a number of report templates that use similar such as the topic Sample-Service-WO-report-template-with-Net-Totals-only

  • Joyce