For three years I used Ayanova nad when I imported into version 4 using SQL express the database was 110Mb in size. I ran a SQL backup using the Studio management Express software and the size was about 140Mb. 5 days later I just ran the backup again and it is now at 470Mb in size? Is there something with the new version that cause the database to grow that much?

I have entered maybe 50 workorders in these past few days, the only difference being that I am using the templates now?

Hi Steve

Check out the topic Large-LDF-log-file-for-SQL-Server-can-cause-problems

You want to do a regular “simple” backup using the SQL backup manager to maintain proper growth, as well as perform SQL maintenance on your database such as that identified in topic Recommendation-when-using-SQL-(Express-or-licensed-Server)

Your database and log file could be fragmented and by backup and maintenance, you bring it back to normal. Do check that out.

Also, checkyour SQL help fileabout SQL databases and their maintenance, as well as online.

  • Joyce

Thank you for the input on this but chalk it up to “User” stupidity. I had set the SQL backup and my office admin runs it daily, one of the boxes had been changed and I did not think of checking the settings again - It was set to append the backup and not overwrite … :hehe: