Exporting Certain Clients

I have added a couple of custom fields to the clients form. I would like to export clients that have a certain keyword in a particular custom field. Can this be done? If not, can custom fields be included when exporting all clients?


Custom fields are not available to show as columns on the Client grid.
Not sure how specifically you are exporting, but no, you can not export custom fields using ExportToXLS via the Client’s grid, because those fields are not available via that grid.
This also means that the Client grid can not be filtered to display only client records with a certain keyword in a particular custom field because those Custom fields are not available for filtering on the Client grid.

What may be suggested would be to create and customize a Detailed Type report template from the Clients grid that results in the individual client records fields each displaying on a single row, so that then you could export that print preview to an XLS file with each “row” of data equating to a client’s record.
I have attached an zipped quick example of what I mean by single line report template so that it can be exported to an XLS file when print preview.
Import into your AyaNova 10) database as per the steps of http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNova7webHelp/importing_a_report_template.htm
And also see http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNova7webHelp/exporting_a_report_to_a_file.htm on how to export to a file from the Print Preview window

single line detailed for export example report template

Ok, this is a great start. How do I filter on one of the custom fields?

{Edit: Figured it out, thanks.}

When exporting to XLSX I see blank rows in between each record. How do I prevent that?

Could be for many reasons including you designed your layout to include space between - without being able to see the actual report template and what it is specifically designed to do, I won’t be able to say.

If ever a question about a report template, make sure to include an export of that report template file itself. And in your circumstances as the question is related to what shows and whats exported, along with an example of a RTF or PDF export of what you see (so I can see exactly what you do in Print Preview) as well as an export to XLS (so I can see exactly what you do in your export)

If your report template and print outs are private, send via email to our support email address support @ ayanova.com and make sure to reference the URL of this forum post and what the issue is, as well as the three requested files, so that we have full context when receive.

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