Exporting QuickBooks clients to AyaNova using the ImportClientsCSV utility

Do note that you can use the ImportClientCSV and ImportPartsCSV utilities to import and export data from your accounting program.

Below is a very brief outline of how to do so:

Refer to the AyaNova Help documentation Optional Add-Ons section for installing the Import/Export utility.

Install and configure as per the manual section
Make a sample export file of your existing AyaNova clients so you can see what the format looks like
In QuickBooks, view a Customer Contact List report, modifying it so that the fields that display are the same fields that are stated in the manual section for the import utility
Select Export, select Export to CSV format (comma separated value)
You may still need to edit the format and postition of the fields. You might use Excel to do this as easy to cut and insert columns. If using Excel, remember that you do need the final format to include quotation marks as well as commas to identify the fields, so a suggestion is to import into Access and export to get the correct format
When the format and position of the fields are as per the manual section for that import utility, run the ImportCSV utility, log in, open the CSV file, confirm data in correct fields and import.
Remember, if you get an error opening the CSV file, it will state you might have an issue with the CSV file, such as not the corect number of fields, or missing quotation marks, etc. You may need to edit the file until you are able to import.