Field fails to display in report PageHeader


I’ve upgraded to version 3.3.3 from version 3.2.5 and have read the topic about the new release effecting report programs.I have re-created my report from the ‘Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total’ report but find that a facility that worked previously no longer does.

As a Workorder could be a multiple page document I wanted the company logo,business contact details,Workorder Number and PageInfo (page number) at the top of each page.I did this by creating a PageHeader band and put these fields in this section.

This worked fine under version 3.2.5 but I notice at version 3.3.3that if I place the field Workorder (from WorkorderHeader) under a PageHeader band it does not display. I tested placing other fields from the WorkorderHeader under the PageHeader and they don’t display either.

It’s as if record data is no longer available for PageHeaders?

If this is the case how can I make sure the Workorder Number is printed on every page.

Regards - Brian

Hi Brian

The previous way you had the report would not have been recommended for before 3.3. either - datafields should always be within a bound band. A pageheader is not bound to any data and should have by rights not worked previously as well. The latest report printing engine is more diligent than the old version that was with the previous AyaNova v3.

The sample report template in topic posted some time ago is an example of how the workorder number (plus other workorderheader information) can be placed on every page for that workorder.

Do take a look and let me know this now works for you.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce

Problem solvedusing suggested method.

Many Thanks