Fields NOT breaking across multiple pages

On our quotes we have noticed a weird issue. We have some of our “Notes” fields are not breaking across pages, this causes multiple almost blank pages on the quotes. I can attach a file to show the issue, but the forum will not allow a file that big to be attached. I have tried to work on the template myself with no success. Please let me know if I should send you the file. I am using a slightly modified version of the supplied quotes template.


Check out the forum’s AyaNova Printing & Reports topic If-a-specific-report-template-results-in-a-blank-page-printed-after-the-first-page-of-the-report and confirm if that be the reason, that your field itself in the report template is within the margin

If not, yes, do export to a file and send via email to and I would be happy to take a look
Include what exact version of AyaNova you have in use.
And if the report template was originally a sample report template, do make sure that you have Save As a copy (not just renamed) before exporting to a file so that I can import into a test database here to take a look.

Hear from you soon

  • Joyce