Filtering Issue in Unit Models Grid

Hi Joyce,

In the Unit Models Grid, when we filter the Unit Model column by clicking on the unit’s model name, only one matching unit shows up in the grid. This occurs even if there are multiple unit models that match the Unit Model name.

However, when a custom filter is applied under the Unit Model column (by setting the Operator to “Contains” and entering the Unit Model name in the Operand field) then all matching unit models display.

I haveattached a file of 3 screenshots that should clarify the above. The first one shows an unfiltered view where a unit model displays multiple times. The second one shows the same grid after filtering this unit model by clicking the Unit Model name and you can see that only one unit is displayed. The last shows the grid with the custom filter applied using the Operator/Operand fields and only the matching models display in the grid.

Not a major issue. It just made me do a double-take when I saw only one model displaying for a particular brand that I knew had multiple models.


Hi Bob

This is occurring because the Unit Model Name column is a text field in the Unit Model entry screen. And you have entered the same text for the name for different models.

When you select the filter drop down list for the Unit Model Name, the actual drop down filter is displaying only one instance of a Unit Model name even though you have many models that have that same text entered - in your case for example, although you have 10 different unit model’s with the Name field entered with the text"Dimension" - the list only shows one.

And when you specifically select that one instance of the listed “Dimension” - the Unit Model record returned is for that specific unit model that has that specific “Dimension” text entered.

Whereas when you create a custom field selecting an Operator of Contains - you are telling the filter to bring back any records that have the text “Dimension” entered in this field.

If you must have the exact same Unit Model Name for different unit models, and you want to filter, you would continue to do as you have done - use the custom filter if you want to filter on that text field so that all unit models with that text are returned.

  • Joyce