Fix for know network Generator issue if registered name includes ampersand

Specific situation:
Running AyaNova 7.3(patch 3)
Network Generator service loads successfully, but no second log shows in Event Viewer that there is a successful connection
Notifications and PMs generating do not work
Your registered company name includes an ampersand “&”

This issue is because of a conflict with the Generator service loading trying to display an ampersand in the company name (this feature was added to support Host companies that host multiple AyaNova databases so they can identify which service is for which database).

How to resolve:

  1. Shut down your AyaNova generator service on your server.
  2. Check your Task Manager that the service is fully no longer running.
  3. Delete the existing Generator.exe file in your server’s AyaNova program folder.
  4. Download
  5. Extract the zipped Generator.exe to your server’s AyaNova program folder
  6. Start the Generator service
  7. Confirm your Event Viewer shows the first log Connection successful
  8. And then confirm that your Event Viewer shows a second log showing that it Connected successfully and shows your company name (ampersand is stripped out)