**Fixed in 6.2** issue with Delete ability rights for subgrid objects

With the installed AyaNova or, the following issue is noted:

If a user is a member of a security group that has Read Only rights to an object that is a subgrd, that the Delete row option will still appear and the user will still be able to delete.

For example, even though the user logged in as Read Only rights to the Object.DispatchZone, the user will still be albe to select the Delete subgrid option.

This issue is resolved in a replacement file available for users.

  • Confirm you are running AyaNova by checking your Help -> About menu option
  • Have all users out of AyaNova
  • Download the replacement file AyaNova6.1Replacement.zip [forum note: update to latest AyaNova version]
    - Open Windows Explorer, move to the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova folder, delete your existing AyaNova.exe dated Jan 7 2010 and replace with the extracted file AyaNova.exe dated Jan 29 2010

We will be including this fix in a full maintenance update in the future. At this time, perform as above to resolve.