**Fixed in 6.2** issue with searching and viewing workorder item part results

With the installed AyaNova or, the following issue is noted:

If a user searches for text that is entered in the Description field of a Parts record of a workorder item, and selects the Workorder item part as the source to view, will get the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when the workorder opens. If the user clicks Ignore, the workorder will appear to have no workorder number, parts will not show their names, etc because the user has ignored the error.

This is issue is because the Search result workorder item part is attempting to open the part record in the workorder before the workorder record is even opened.

This issue is resolved in a replacement file available for users.

  • Confirm you are running AyaNova by checking your Help -> About menu option
  • Have all users out of AyaNova
  • Download the replacement file AyaNova6.1Replacement.zip [forum note: update to latest AyaNova to resolve]
  • Open Windows Explorer, move to the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova folder, delete your existing AyaNova.exe dated Jan 7 2010 and replace with the extracted file AyaNova.exe dated Feb 5 2010

We will be including this fix in a full maintenance update in the future. At this time, perform as above to resolve.