**Fixed in 6.2**Issue attempting to save workorder that has a Loan Item selected

Version: AyaNova 3.0 to 6.1

Configuration: network configured for use with SQL Server or SQL Express

Issue: In some cases only with the network SQL configuration when attempt to save a work order after selecting a Loan Item will get the following error

Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘AACTIVE’, table ‘AyaNova.dbo.AWORKORDERITEMLOAN’; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

Solution A: Upgrade to the latest version of AyaNova 6 that is available

Solution B: if using any version of AyaNova lower than

  1. Make sure all of exited out of AyaNova
  2. Run your SQL Management Studio on your server
  3. Select your AyaNova database on the left
  4. Click on the menu option New Query
  5. Enter in the text into the query field

alter table AWORKORDERITEMLOAN alter column AACTIVE bit null

  1. Select menu Execute
  2. Exit out of SQL Management Studio
  3. Run AyaNova and log in. You will now be able to save a workorder when selecting your loan item in your AyaNova database.