FIXED: Notifications do not occur if subscribed user connects via Data Portal

This is an issue that has just been brought to our attention and will be resolved in the next maintenance update:

If a user connects to the AyaNova database via a Data Portal configuration file, and the user has subscribed to be notified of events, but no record shows in the Notification Deliveries (last 7 days) even though events have occurred, this is due to a now known issue with the Data Portal.

This is confirmed by a local area networked user logging in as the exact same subscribed user, initiating the exact same event, and getting notified because the user is connectin gto the database via local area network configuration.

Do note that users using WBI to initiate events to be notified about are not affected - WBI works successfully foir receiving notifications.

This issue will be resolved in the next maintenance update.

This issue is fixed in AyaNovaDP Refer to the forum section steps to update your AyaNova and AyaNova Data Portal