flag for follow up

i would like to be able to generate a report of customer that were flagged for follow up say i completed an installation of a machininigcenter and i wanted to be reminded in a week to call that customer and make sure everything is fine. or if we repaired it and it had some issues or the customer wanted a phone call after the service call for whatever reason, it would be nice to print a report at the end of the week so that i can have someone go through and call all the customers that were flagged for follow up. we should be able to set reminders for these also and a pop up come up saying please call this customer for whwatever reason: sort of like a task on microsoft outlook, actually exactly like a task on outlook and we should be able to assign the task to a technician or mail it to them and upgrade the task to a workorder if necessary.



A couple suggestions that can be accomplished with the AyaNova v3:

First suggestion:
Create custom fields for workorder items. For example a Date field and a text field, and a True/False field
Use the Date field to identify when to contact the client back by
Use the Text field to enter descriptive text on what the date is for and additional info.
Use the True/False checkmark field to identify whether the client has been called back or not.
Users can filter the Custom Fields grid in the Service navigation pane by these custom fields to identify clients that need to be called back.
Create a custom report template based on these fields to print out a list of clients and their default phone number that need to be called back.

Second suggestion:
Create a Workorder Status perhaps called “Customers needs to be called back”
Have the user that will perform the callback subscribe to the notification event “Workorder - Status changed” and select this workorder status.
When a workorder is set to this status, the user will be notified by the method selected (popup, internal memo, email, SMS notification) that this workorder requires the client to be called back.