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I am still running the old Ayanova nd one of the reasons I have not upgraded is because I do not want to recreate all my forms that I customized in Crystal. Is there any way in the new version to use the old form?


Sorry but no, Crystal Reports is not used with AyaNova v3 for the following reasons:

AyaNova v3 and higher uses a different internal report designer and internal report printing engine that is not compatible with using Crystal Reports.

AyaNova now uses a completely new and different database schema than the old AyaNova CE to be able to provide all the new and expanded features - so existing Crystal Reports templates would not translate or be able to be “exported” into the new report template format as datafields are completely different as is the way that data is obtained for report templates.

At the time of original AyaNova version, Crystal Reports was the only available utility that we could use to be able to print from within the AyaNova CE program - even though it required purchasing Crystal Reports separately to be able to create new or customize existing. We wanted to stay with Crystal Reports for upgrade reasons, but to do so would have forced us to increase each license cost to at least $345.00 to do so because a major feature we wanted to provide was the ability to create new and customize existing report templates without the need for a third party program and to do so with Crystal Reports costs at minimum an extra $200 a license - but with what is in AyaNova v3 now, is now completely and fully possible with AyaNova v3 and still with each AyaNova v3 license at an affordable cost. Charging $345 a license does not agree with our affordable licensing - so we had to move away from Crystal Reports.

As with the original AyaNova CE program, AyaNova now includes many sample report templates. The AyaNova v3 Manual and the AyaNova 4 Help file also includes tutorials on customizing existing report templates, and creating new. We also include many more available sample report templates and tutorials via the AyaNovaPrinting & Report Template section of this forum, as well as answers to questions about reporting in this forum

If you are interested in trying out the latest version of AyaNova(while still using your existing AyaNova CE), test importing your AyaNova CE data, create and customize report templates prior to moving up to the latest version of AyaNova - as outlined on the AyaNova FAQ Answers web page for answers to common questions from AyaNova CE users - do send via direct mail to the following information:
-Send via your registered email address provided when the AyaNova CE licenses were purchased (no exceptions can be made as licenses can only be sent to registered email addresses)
-If your email address has changed since purchase, refer to the AyaNova Support Forum topic How-do-I-change-my-registered-email-address-to-reflect-my-new-email-since-I-originally-purchased-licenses
-Include your registered company name and AyaNova CE activation key-code (both are required)
-Obtain both from your latest AyaNova Activation Key email message Or obtain by accessing the location in the AyaNova CE where you input your registered company name and activation keycode

We will send to the registered email address a 30 day AyaNovalicense for the number of AyaNova CE licenses that is to be applied before the import steps.

Also let us know if you want to test out the optional add-ons such as QBI (QuickBooks interface) and WBI(web browser interface) - as these require a license as well.

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