Found a spell checker program that works.

Joyce I have tried the spell checker software that you suggested to me (Spell Catcher Plus) and I also would recommend it to other users. But I have found a different program that I like just as well if not better then Spell Catcher Plus and it is about $10.00 less to purchase and it seems to have about the same features. It is called Spell Checker Anywere version 6.5 I have purchased this program and so far I’m very pleased with it. Just thought you might like to take a look at this program and give your opinion on it. And if you think it is worth suggesting to your clients it will give your clients a other choice when picking out a spell checker program. Thanks for your time Rick

Hi Rick, thank you for your suggestion. I have moved this to the Related Services & Applications section of this forum for those that are interested in trying out
Great to have choices!

  • Joyce