Generator v3 for multiple databases?

I am about to be running 2 or three seperate databases on one server. I have everything running great on a test server except since the event generator runs as a service I don’t see how I will be able to run generator for more than one database! Is it possible for me to run the generator for all of my databases? Either by editing the “generator.exe.config” to contain the script from every “ayanova.exe.config”? or what should I do???



Hi Tory, I apologize for not posting sooner. We had reconfigured the section of the forum at that time, and the automatic notification of new postings for the new sections had not been set up, and missed knowing immediatley about your new topic. This has now been rectified so it won’t happen again.

The configuration file Generator.exe.configis used to connect the Generator service to the correct AyaNovadatabase. The present Generator installation is for running the Generator service for one database only.

Please contact me directly at as we do not show that you have purchased licenses for multiple databases, as each database must be licensed separately as per the AyaNova license agreement

Also provide what type of AyaNova databases are in use - Firebird Server, SQL Express or SQL Server 2005?

And provide what operating system your server is.

And than we can go from there.

  • Joyce

I am running the latest AyaNova with Firebird on Microsoft Server 2003. Any suggestions for the generator would be great! I just setup trial software on the new server to test everything. I will be contacting you shortly about purchasing new licenses and what not.