Giving access to clients over WBI

Forgive me if this has been touched on before. I did a search and could not find what I was looking for, so I decided to make a post and see if anyone knows a solution.

What I’m trying to do is create logins for our clients so they can see their workorders and such. Problem is, I don’t see a way to limit a login to a specific client’s workorders only. Every login has access to view all clients’ workorders. Does anyone know a way to lock a login to a specific client? All help is appreciated. Thanks.


Yes - doso as outlined in the WBI 3.x Manual section WBI Client Configuration (or if using AyaNova 4 [i][/i]in the WBI 4 Client configuration section)

A client is configured slightly different than an AyaNova user. There are three major steps:

-Via the AyaNova program - configure security groups for clients/head offices
-Via the AyaNova program - create user accounts for clients/head offices
-Via WBI logged in as AyaNova Administrator - configure the Default Client Login Workorder Report in Global Settings.

And when the client logs into WBI, they are presented withdifferent WBI webpages limiting them to viewing only their own service requests, and their own workorders. What they see is also identified in the WBI Client Online Help for example if using AyaNova 4 [i][/i]in the WBI 4 Client Help file)

Let me know this now works for you.

  • Joyce