Global Settings starting numbers for workorders, quotes, PO's, Adjustments not saved if exit out of AyaNova after setting.

When editing starting number for workorders, quotes, pm’s or inventory adjustments, do be aware that the value displayed in the Global Settings screen is the highest existing number for that table.
Even if you edit the Global Settings starting number, until you make a new workorder, pm, quote etc, the highest existing number is still the same as it was previously in the record.

So if you edit the starting number – you need to make at minimum one new workorder or new quote, etc to actually “set” the new starting number as the highest existing number.

Inventory Adjustment starting number
Purchase Order start number
Quotes start number
Service Workorders start number
To set the starting number higher than what is displayed presently, perform the following:

Log in as the AyaNova Administrator
Select Global Settings
Edit the starting number for workorders, quotes and purchase orders
Select the Save button on the menu bar for Global Settings
Without exiting out of the AyaNova v3 program, perform the next three steps.
Create and save a new workorder - this workorder will now take the number entered as the starting number for workorders (and subsequent workorders will continue)
Create and save a new quote - this quote will now take the number entered as the starting number for quotes
Create and save a new purchase order (you do not have to set the Ordered status)- this purchase order will now take the number entered as the starting number for quotes
Once at least one new workorder, quote, po, inventory adjustment has been saved with the new starting number, the AyaNova Administrator can log out and the changes will be saved.

Do note any new workorders, quotes, purchase orders, inventory adjustments made by AyaNova users presently logged into AyaNova v3 will use the new starting number.