GPS compatibility?

Will the future version of Ayanova support fleet GPS units to allow for tracking of service vehicles?

(YES would be a great answer here!)


Yes, we will be looking into it for a future version.

You can enter Latitude and Longitude in the Physical Address for a client, and have those coordinates print out on your dispatch report that a tech takes onsite with them, or that the tech can refer to before leaving the office.

AyaNova 3does not specifically interface with a GPS - it does not specifically allow you to upload the coordinates to your GPS. It does require you to punch in the coordinates manually.

Dopost here specifics of what you are looking for such a feature to do

I also invite others that are interested in GPS compatiblity to post here specifics on what they would want it to do

Thank you

  • Joyce

We use GPS on our service vehicles to track the locations of the vehicles. This assists us with dispatching, tells us exactly where the vehicles are, and lets us assist our customers better. Ideally, the GPS map with the vehicle locations will be integrated with the location of all the work orders (service calls), both the dispatched calls and the calls still outstanding at the time.

Any Update on adding a GPS function other than LAt/LON?

GPS tracking of schedulable users (i.e. whether fleet vehicles,techs etc)is still on developments list to look into as a separate plugin.

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Any movement on GPS. We are getting to large to not have and are currently looking at options.


Hi, not with AyaNova 7 at this time. When we last looked into it again last spring, to legally do it correctly meant having to increase the license price a lot.
We are planning on completely revamping AyaNova 8 to be able to provide much more customizations as well as increased ease of intuitive use, and we also have it on the list to look into what’s been released for GPS tracking that we can provide that doesn’t mean a huge license cost for our AyaNova users.
What would be very useful to development is to get specifics on exactly what it is that you would want to do GPS wise - so that the context of what you need is understood.
For example, what specifically would you want to do with GP? In order of priority - what is need, what is a bonus, etc etc such as do you want/need real time updates so that you can see at a glance on a map where your trucks are? Do you want/need ato be able to submit multiple service calls and get a map view of where each customer is located for the tech to drive to? And so on. Do post here what would be nice to have, what would be needed to have.

  • Joyce

We have a similar need but it is limitted to needing a way to import travel times and mileage based on a third party provided GPS tracking system. For us it would be a matter of takinig start/stop times and vehicle mileage from the third party application and being able to import it into a workorder under the labor/travel sections.

I would like this feature to provide accountability. When a tech gets to a location they open the ayanova mobile site hit check in and it inputs the check in time (based on the server time) and adds the coordinates the tech checked in from that links to google maps. And the same thing when tech checks out. A plus feature would be able to email alert the client the tech is on site upon check in so if the customer is say a multi-location owner they know we are getting the job done. As of now we manually send an email once on site or call them big pain. Heck I would be happy just if you added a check in and out button instead of inputting time and date manually.

Thank you Glen and to all that have posted suggestions. As per our Wish List section, development will be looking into!

I would like to make a suggestion of an existing AyaNova feature to use rather than manually sending an email or calling the client when your technician gets onsite - use Client Notifications to automatically send your client a notification when a specific event occurs - for example:
Create a Workorder Status perhaps called “Onsite providing service”
Set up Client Notifications, enabling WO Status Changed notification selecting specifically this Workorder Status
When your technician gets onsite, via WBI they update the Workorder Status of the workorder for this client to “Onsite providing service”
The subscribed client will automatically be notified
See more about client notifications starting

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