Group Discount

I have a group discount setup in Zen Cart. When I attempt to import the QBI file into Quickbooks, QB says the transaction is out of balance and does not import the transaction. I am able to import all orders that do not use the discount but any order that has the group discount is not uploaded (just the customer name). How can I get Quickbooks to recognize the group discount?


In the QBI file, there is a message “Discount and Fee matching not set up”. I need to setup this in QBI but now sure how I export this info from Quickbooks. Does anyone know how to do this?

Good morning, do note that this forum is for support for AyaNova and its optional add-ons only.

Zen Cart is a completely different program from AyaNova and its optional add-on QBI, nor do we sell it, nor can we provide support for Zen Cart

I would recommend contacting the makers of Zen Cart or do a search online via Google if you have a question about use of anotehr software program.

If you have a question about AyaNova and any of its optional add-ons,do post what your version of AyaNova is along with any questions, and we would be happy to help

  • Joyce