Grouping different parts into a single "Computer001" part ?

We are a computer company who services and sells PCs/Servers. We currently are running Ayanova v7.

I need to be able to create a “Workstation001” part and have all of the parts used to build the PC inside of it.

I print out the “Detailed Service Workorder” to give to the client. This report shows all of the parts used in that workorder. But if I sold them a PC it shows a list of all of the Parts I used for the PC build. I cannot have this going to the client. I need a “Workstation001” Part number so that is the only thing showing in the parts list. I would then need to be able to go back and reference this “Workstation001” part number to see what parts were used.

Is this possible in Ayanova 7 ??

Thank you

Hi Jason

Grouping of subparts into one main part for selection in a workorder is not presently a feature of AyaNova.

A suggestion right now may be to list the parts used to create the workstation in one place, and the part “Workstation001” in another - so that you can print off and give to the client only the section that has about the “Workstation001” but still be able to refer to the list of parts that made up the Workstation001 yourself.

For example, the parts used to make up the workstation in one workorder Item, and the Workstation001 part in another workorderItem. And create a report template that totals up the workorder Item only as well as prints always to a separate page so you can print out specifically for the client.

  • Joyce