Grouping Unit Model Categories for a Client

We have aclientwho hassixty-three pieces of equipment that we presently service. We have createdUnit-recordsfor each piece of equipment and assignedall of them to their respectiveUnit Model Categories.

Theclientis requesting from us areport listinga breakdown of all of their equipmentsorted by category, e.g., Desktop Computers, Notebook Computers, Printers, etc. but I am unable to find a way to print such a report.

Is there a way to display andprint a report that lists a client’s’Units’ by the Unit Model Category?



NOTE: The latest version of AyaNova 3.2.6 now does have Unit Model Category avaialble in the Units grid*

Hi Bob

Unit Model Category is not a displayable field in the Units grid or in the Items grid in the Service navigation pane at this time, so no, there is not a way to display or print a report grouped by the Unit Model Category.

I’ve moved this topic to the Wish List section of the forum so that it can be reviewed by development when we are identifying features and expansion on additoinal features AyaNova users have requested to incorporate into AyaNova v3

  • Joyce