Grouping within a report template is alphabetical

If using grouping in a report template, do be aware that grouping is alphabetical.

For example, if you group by the Service Date, be aware that although the numerical date 4/10/2006 is a date after 4/8/2006, when using grouping ina report template this date is actually listed before.

Anotherexample, if you had the Service Workorders grid filtered to display the following workorder numbers 2, 5,7,8, 10, 12, 22 and you have a report that is grouped to display by the Workorder # in Ascending order, the workorders would display :


Because 1 comes before 2, and 12 comes before 2 when using alphabetic grouping.

If you want a report to display numerical, do not use internal grouping in the report template. Filter the grid itself by the column you wish to sort by.