Help Manual Table of Contents and Pages Mismatch - ToC references and pages don't match

[Forum Note: AyaNova 4 now uses a Help file (online as well as a downloadable file) - making it much easier to find help, and you can also print off a specific section.]

Hi Guys,
I couldn’t find any posts regarding this issue, so I thought I’d bring it to your attention.

We are in Day 2 of testing AyaNova 3 and are very dependent on the version 3Help Manual (yes, we printed the WHOLE thing!). We found that the pages referenced in the table of contents aren’t correct. For example: the ToC says “TECHNICAL” is on page 560 when it is actually on page 541.

We’re not complaining. The manual is extremely helpful. But when one is so dependent on it, having to search for the correct page gets a bit frustrating. It would be great if someone (maybe some poor unsuspecting intern?) sat down and made the necessary corrections. It’s too late for us, but your future customers would benefit from the effort.


Hi Ian

That’s weird - I downloaded a copyof the manual from the website and it has the Table of Contents stating that the section “TECHNICAL” starts on page 541. When I CTRL -click on it in the TOC which “jumps” me to the section, the section does start on page 541.

I personally find it a lot easier to refer to the manual when it is in its Word format rather than printing it out, so that I can CTRL-click on the Table of Content sections which jumps me to the specific section, as well as use Words Find menu option to search for specific text.

I’m wondering if because the manual was printed out, that your printer prints less text/images on each page, resulting in the pages not matching?

What is the revision date identified on the first page - latest revision is March 14 2007

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

I’m not sure what’s throwing things off. I’ve been handwriting the correct page numbers in the ToC (in the “Search Database” to “Additional Installation & Configuration” area) and noticed that, so far the ToC entries are 18 - 19 numbers higher than the actual page number. That may be caused by your idea of the printer causing images to be moved.

Just for fun and to see if your theory held up, I checked to see if I could find where the disconnect started. It starts at “Basic Installation”. The ToC says it’s on page 21 where in fact it’s on page 20. There are few small images, but not enough to cause a bleed over to the next page.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to investigate how the dynamics of the disconnect flow - where the pages start going higher than the ToC, etc.


Hi Ian

Maybe post your printer model and printer driver that you are using in a reply, and another AyaNova user may have also experienced this and may have a solution for printing with your printer.

I would suggest that you refer to the Word file itself - and that way you can easily use your mouse to CTRL-click on a Tqable of Contents section and you will "jump’ to the section; as well you can use Word’s menu option Edit -> Find to easy search for text as well.

  • Joyce