Help Please?!


Attached is my work order. The problems I have are:

1.) In the parts line, I want the Serial Number of a part to display if there is one for that part. I cannot seem to get this to work for me.

2.) Again in the parts line, i need the line total to NOT include the tax. I do still need the tax in the footer, just not included in the line total.

Thank you.


  1. The reason why you might be asking how to add the serial number database is because for some reason you have the Detail5 band in the DetailReportItemPart area squished completely so that you are not seeing what datafields are there.

Use your mouse to click and drag/expand the Detail5 band so you can see the existing fields in that part of the design panel. Then if you want the part serial number to display, than you have to place the Part Serial Number datafield in the Detail5 band somewhere.

Either undock the table that is showing the present part related fields, so that you can use your mouse to click and drag the serial number datafield (WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem.WorkorderItemWorkorderItemPart.LT_WorkorderItemPart_Label_PartSerialID) Or click with in one of the table columns and insert another column, and than bind that table column to the serial number datafield (WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem.WorkorderItemWorkorderItemPart.LT_WorkorderItemPart_Label_PartSerialID)

  1. The Line Total datafield by default includes taxes (quantity X part price + taxes). If you do not want the Line Total to show, than remove it. The Net Total datafield that you already have displaying in the part detail5band areais quantity x price before taxes.
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