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In AvaNova v3, in the main workorder view screen, I can adjust the clients to go alphabetically a-z or z-a. Can I make other columns do the same, eg. workorder #'s, or client ref #'s, or service dates.


Move the column you want to sort byto the far left to be the “sort” column by dragging the column header and dropping it in the location you desire.

You will note that the “sort” icon will appear on what ever is the far left column.

Also take a look at the Online Manualwhich contains brief information on AyaNova v3 features. View the Use Basics chapter -> Main Grids for tips on use.

We very much encourage reviewing the AyaNova v3 Manualavailable for download as it contains detailed tutorials walking through the features of AyaNova, inlcuding use of the main navigation grids and features of AyaNova v3