How do I add fields to a report that are not included in the current dataset?

How do I add fields to a report that are not included in the current dataset?

For instance, I would like to have printed on the work order dispatch form the rates and rate descriptions linked to a client’s contract (without having to write it in.) That way, when I customer signes the work order, they are also signing aknowledgement of the rates that will be billed.

I know that a scheduled user can have a suggested rate, but only the name of the rates shows up, not the value and unit, and it takes extra steps. I am the only schedulable user, so I don’t fill in the information on the schedulable users list for a work order.

Being able to specifiy additional tables to lookup in the dataset would make report creation much more flexible, but not at the expense of having to modify the business object code. Is there an easierway to do this via scripting within the report writer or another method?

kirklang (3/9/2007)How do I add fields to a report that are not included in the current dataset?

Hello, you can not add additional fields based on data in the database that are not currently available in the report designer.

All reports ultimately are based on business objects and there is no ad-hoc method of adding fields from the database into a report.

You can of course add any fields that you calculate yourself in the report using code behind / formulas.

We can add requested fields and have done so in the past. If you post your needs in the wish list forum we will go over it carefully the next time we are sweeping it for future release changes and see if those fields can be added without negative impact on existing code and users. Basically post the info you gave above there, we like to know exactly which fields from which areas of the program, which report / datasource / grid you would like to see them added to and as you have done here a description of the reason they are needed so we can understand better what needs to be done. (I’m stating that for anyone else reading this in future, you’ve done a good job of giving the right kind of info here already, just copy and paste with any additional items you are interested in to a post in the wish list forum)

Be sure to provide sepcifics on what it is you wish on the Wish List - provide the specific AyaNova field name, from what entry screen etc.

While there is no guarantee they will be added, many have been in the past, it depends on the fields and how they link to the data internally etc.

This seems to be a common issue with generating forms. We have also run into this problem when trying to add the Fax number of a client to a form using version 3. Could someone explain why more fields are not available? There must be some technical issue that prevents making all the fields accessible.

You are correct - there is a technical reason why the user can not add new datafields to a report template but only use the existing datafields available via the Fields tab.

Datafields have to be coded specifically by development - hardcoded into the program - a user can not add them.

One of the many new features in AyaNova 4 is that there are additional datafields available now in the service workorder detailed report template and other report templates - including the contact’s Fax, Mobile, Email, etc which can be used on AyaNova 4 report templates

I encourage you to check out the new features of AyaNova 4, and refer to the FAQ & Answers web pagefor answers to common questions about upgrading to AyaNova 4 including pricing and testing it out.

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If you’re used to using Crystal Reports, you’re going to be quite frustrated with the report engine in version 4. I know I am. There are some things you just can’t do with the new report engine that were done quite easily with CR in previous versions. What I could do in 1 summary report before I’m now doing in 3 because there is no way to get the data into one report.

Attention: to those that wish to add additional fields to a report that is not included in the current dataset:

For experienced developers, AyaNova 6.5 and higher now includes the ability to use API Methods to bring in data not available through the report templates datasets.

For example, using API Methods, you can now bring in the Unit’s custom fields into a service workorder’s report template.

See the Development SDK API section of this forum for details