How do I change the Language

Hi, I hope you can help me. I´m interested in this software, but I need it in spanish. I already have installed a demo, but when I´m trying to change the default language for a specific user I cant, it does appear in gray. I think probably that´s because I only have a demo version. Can I change it?


Yes, you can change the default language for users if AyaNova is licensed.

We offer a 30 day temporary keycode to fully unlock AyaNova and its optional add-ons so that you can have full access to all features.

Whereas it sounds like you have AyaNova right now in its limited trial where there are some restrictions such as you can not edit the sample users.

Go to and click on the Special Offers link on the left for requesting a 30 day trial, fill out where indicated, and a 30 day temporary keycode will be sent.

  • Joyce