How do I copy an existing report template

I’ve tried searching the forum but can not find the instructions to copy an existing report template for modification and keep the original. I have redesigned a sample template to meet my needs but I want to copy it to a separate template to make some changes so I have 2 versions of the template that are slightly different… The sample I used to modify was the workorder with grand totals and signature. Lets say I’ve renamed it to “My Workorder with Signature” and I want an exact duplicate named “My Workorder without Signature”. I have tried to export it, rename the one still in the database, then import the one exported with the original name but when I do this it says a template with that ID exists.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Open the report template in the Report Template Designer (i.e. drop down Print menu, hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard, select the report template My Workorder with Signature)
Now select File -> Save As
Enter in the name of the copy you want it to be (i.e. My Workorder without Signature)
Now make changes to that copy of the report template.

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce,

I knew it was something simple and I have done it in the beginning days of my Ayanova experience but for the life of me could not remember how I did it and I obviously didn’t put the correct search terms in to search the forums.

Thx again,

You are very welcome Steve

May I suggest too, to take a few minutes and re-follow along again with tutorials of the feature(s) in question - i.e. follow along with the report template tutorials starting
For example, this first tutorial identifies in Step 7 “Although you do not have to make a copy to be able to customize an existing report template, it is recommended to do so if there is a problem with your customization, you can delete your customized report template and start again with a new copy.” and then shows via screenshots and steps performing the above too.

You might also too see features that you didn’t initially use but now want to, too!

Have a great rest of your day

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