How do I customize Service Date & Time In Labor Section

I’m Using Ayanova

When I go to Service and then Labor to check my current billed hours for a specific time period I have a few pre programmed options like: Current Month, Previous Month, This Week, All etc. These options are fairly limited though. My question is how do you choose a specific date and time, like : 1-21-10 to 2-21-10?

I see a Custom option, but it requires programming which I have no knowledge of. Is this the feature I need to use? If so are there directions on how to program it?

Thanks for any help.


You can show reports based on a speicfic date range byusing the [Custom] filter to create two queries in the custom filter – one to bring back all records less than an existing Start Date & Time, and one to bring back all records greater than an existing Start Date & Time - so that only the records with the dates in-between display

The tutorial will walk you through using the [Custom] filter on a date column.

Do follow along for an overview, and then let us know if additional questions.

  • Joyce