How do I determine how many licenses I require?

<P “mso-layout-grid-align: none”>Licenses are required for technicians only. You can enter an unlimited number of users in the program, but only users that are set as technicians can be chosen from as the person who did the work on the work order. <O:P> Only users set as technicians can be scheduled from the schedule screen. Otherwise there is no license required for regular users who just use the program.<P “mso-layout-grid-align: none”>When you purchase a new license or additional licenses, we email you an activation key code that contains the total number of licenses you have purchased overall.

You enter in all your users (both technician and non-technician) that will be using AyaNova dispatch software or tracked in it. On the user entry screen there is a checkbox that you use to indicate that user is a technician.

There is another checkbox that affects the available licenses and it is used to indicate if a technician is ACTIVE.

When you click that checkbox, you are taking a license out of the “pool” of licenses contained in your activation key code and indicating that particular user should be considered a technician which means their name will then appear in the lists of technicians available when creating a work order or scheduling technicians. You can check the ACTIVE box for as many users as you have purchased technicians licenses for.

When you reach the maximum, the program will not allow any more users to be checked as ACTIVE technicians. Users not checked as ACTIVE technicians can use all parts of the program as well without a license, they just don’t appear as a technician in any list box where you need to select a technician such as the labor part of the work order screens etc.<P “mso-layout-grid-align: none”>If you uncheck the ACTIVE box making a technician in-active you free up their license and it goes back into the pool for use with another technician. In this way you can temporarily or permanently free up a technician license for situations like someone leaving the company and a replacement coming on or for a temporary relief technician while another is on holidays.<P “mso-layout-grid-align: none”>Inactive technicians do not appear on lists of technicians for scheduling or creating NEW work orders, however they will still appear on the old work orders that they created when they were active so all their historical data is still kept in the database, but their license is freed up.<P “mso-layout-grid-align: none”>This way you don’t need to resort to deleting a technician or renaming them to free up a license, you simply uncheck the box and your ready to enter your new replacement technician without affecting any data that applies to the de-activated technician.
<P “mso-layout-grid-align: none”>For companies that employ sub-contractors, you could determine a time period that jobs are scheduled for. Than determine the number of contractors employed in this time - and that would be the number of licenses to purchase. Or you could purchase licenses based on the different types of jobs. For example if you were a general contractor for building homes, you would purchase as many licenses as there are different jobs - one license to schedule and track electricians, one license to schedule and track plumbers, one license to schedule general carpenters, one license to schedule specialized carpenters, etc etc. </O:P>