How do I find a client quickly

On the client screen I see the subgrid that shows the long list of customers. Is there a quick way to jump to all customers that begin with “S” for example? Scrolling through several hundred customers is not very efficient. Thanks.

Yes, you have a number of different options to bring up the clients you want:

  1. drop down the filter and select [Q - Z] - which will result in those starting with Q through Z displaying which will include your customers starting with S

  2. drop down the filter, and select [Custom] - select Operand that is Starts with and enter in S. You can also do many other different types of Operands, I encourage you to try them out to see the results

  3. Use the Search Database - enter in the company name and Search - click on the Source when it shows the company in that row

  • Joyce

Thanks for the quick reply. I can see how the filter will work for small lists but when I get all my customers entered (3000+) it could be a bit tedious regardless of those methods you recommended. I suppose I was hoping for something closer to how Microsoft Access, etc. handles drop down lists by being able to start typing the name you wish and the system zooms you to the closest match. I have a big problem with my dispatchers not realizing a customer is already in the system and they create duplicate entries. Being able to very quickly see if a customer is already in the database is important for efficiency and to avoid duplication. I am in the eval phase right now. Perhaps when I actually put it into practice I’ll see your method is actually better :slight_smile:

Hi again

Do note that when (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) creating a new workorder for a client ]where you select New… menu option from the Service Workorder grid, AyaNova does do that - for example, start typing S and it will “jump” to the first client that begins with S. Continue typing and AyaNova will continue jumping to the first match of what you have typed.

And in this same way, you can quickly see if the client is already entered; and if it is not, just click on that Client jump button with no client selected. This will open a new client entry screen so that you canquickly enter in a new client so that it can be selected for a workorder.

(URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) Jump buttons are in use thorugh out the AyaNova program so that you can quickly open and view and create new information as needed.

Also, if a user attempts to create a new client with the same client name as an existing, AyaNova will warn them that there is already a client with that same name.

  • Joyce

Hi again

The Help file has a new “How do I…” about creating a new workorder and the client is not yet entered, as well as how to see if the client is already there or not - see (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

  • Joyce