How to cancel a Purchase orders with a part request

Every now and then I order a part from a supplier and they do not have it in stock, I get the part from another supplier. The purchase order created for the original order still has a part which now will never be received as I have canceled the order for that part.

  • If this part is a part request I can not close the workorder until all the parts requests are received.
  • I can not delete parts requests if the parts are still on order.

The same applies for other less frequent circumstances.
How do I finalise workorders in this situation.



Hi Clark

Do the following which is similar to that identified in topic

1.Create a Purchase Order Receipt. Receive that part request into inventory.

  1. Now that the part request is received, you can delete it in that workorder - as you did not actually get the part from that part request so you should remove it.

  2. Now via a new Part Inventory Adjustment, enter a negative amount for that part to remove it from inventory as you actually didn’t physically receive it.

  • Joyce