How to center a barcode in a report


I am trying to center a barcode in a report but I cannot. The text alignment option doesn’t work.

Please note that I am trying to center the generated image, when I preview the report the image is always on the left. Hope it was clear enough…

Thanks for your help,

Hi Ernst

Do export your report template to a file, zip and attach - so can import and see what is specifically happening. I intermittently check in over the weekend, and will again to see if its here to take a look.

  • Joyce

Thank you very much Joyce for your support but I found a way to do it (I don’t know if its the only or the best way…).

In the behavior panel, I changed auto-module to yes and I can have my barcode exactly how I wanted. I have attached some screenshots in case that can help someone else.


Thanks again,

Great - and thank you for sharing Ernst!

  • Joyce