How to change QuickBooks invoice number

I want to change the invoice number that QuickBooks assigns the work order number when QBI invoices. I have adjusted the previous invoice numbers to what I want (which is the actual work order number=invoice number) but QBI I guess still keeps assigning the invoice number in the work order as something different how can I fix this so that the work order invoice number matches the QuickBooks invoice number?

Hi Debbie

QBI sends the invoice information to QuickBooks, but it is QuickBooks that decides what the invoice number is.

QuickBooks automatically increases the invoice number by one from the last invoice.

So if your last QuickBooksinvoice number was 1022, the next would be 1023 and so on.

I checked QuickBooks help file, and they say to edit the last invoice number, and the next will be +1 of that.

Do note that if you have added letters, it is no longer a number. For example, ABC1022 is not a number.

I would also check with QuickBooks themselves as they may have other suggestions than what is in their Help file - for example, click onthe Support button in your QuickBooks program, and to the Help menu option in QuickBooks.

Remember - QBI will only put in the invoice number given it by QuickBooks. QBI does not in any way decide what QuickBooks invoice number to use.

  • Joyce

Thanks, then QBI should be putting the correct number in the invoice field in AyaNova since my last invoice number was 11019 then when I use QBI it should pull it in. I am getting ready to do another invoice so I will see if it will work this time. If not I can’t get any help out of QuickBooks, their support is terrible…you are a blessing :smiley: