how to determine if a tech closed a workorder or not

Received an email from an AyaNova user that I thought may be of benefit to other AyaNova users: class=cite cite="" type=“cite”>

<quote>Any idea if there is a way to filter a workorder based on the technician who created it. I cant find a column in the workorder Grid that I can filter for that?

I have technicians tickets open that they are forgetting to close?.and I cant get a real sense of what should be closed. Sometimes they are forgetting to set the proper menu item and it stays open.</quote>

The person who created the workorder or last modified it is not a displayed column in the grid. Those are on our list to add in a future version.

Two possible suggestions:

  1. Filter by the Close By Date and whether workorder is set to Service Completed (or Closed) or not.

This way if a workorder goes past the Close By date without being checkmarked Closed or Service Completed, you can view those workorders and than find out from your staff why they are not closed yet.

By default the Close By date will automatically be set for a week after the workorder is created. This date can be set to default so many minutes from the service workorders creation date via the Global Settings under the Administration navigation pane so that new workorders created would have the new Close By date. Please refer to the section on notification subscriptions for more information, and to the Administration Global Settings to preset this.

  1. Subscribe to the Close By subscription.

This way, if the Close By date passes without the workorder being checkmarked Closed, you will be notified. Do note that you would be notified only if the subscription is already set up. If you select this date, and than subscribed, you would not be notified as you set this date before subscribing.

  • Joyce